It's Time to Deep Clean Your Dryer Vents

It's Time to Deep Clean Your Dryer Vents

Discover the benefits of regular dryer vent cleaning in Gainesville, GA

Are your dryer vents dirty? Clogged vents can make drying your clothes a nightmare. You shouldn't have to run the dryer multiple times to dry every load-if you're ready to give your dryer a boost, reach out to Peachtree Appliance Repair today. We offer unmatched dryer vent cleaning services in Gainesville, GA. No matter how dirty your vents might be, you can trust us to refresh and re-energize your dryer ASAP.

Signs you should clean your dryer vents

Cleaning your dryer vents has never been easier thanks to Peachtree Appliance Repair. We make it easy to increase efficiency and reduce the amount of energy you use to dry your clothes. You should call us for dryer vent cleaning service in Gainesville, GA if:

  • Your clothes take more than a single cycle to dry
  • Your clothes are still damp or smell moldy after a cycle
  • You smell a foul odor when you open your dryer door

Don't risk it when it comes to dirty dryer vents. If you notice these or any other issues, call Peachtree Appliance Repair at 678-575-0594 now.