Kitchen Appliance Repair

stainless steel appliances that need repair in  Gainesville & Buford, GA

From Ovens Not Heating Up to A Broken Dishwasher- We Are Your Local Appliance Repair Company

Peachtree Appliance Repair provides professional installation and repairs services throughout Gainesville & Buford, SC

Your kitchen appliance is constantly being used, day in and day out. We rely on our appliances to help us in our day to day. But if the pilot light on our gas stove top goes out or our oven stops heating properly.. what should you do next?

Here at Peachtree Appliance Repair, we work around the clock to provide you with immediate appliance repair or installation services throughout Gainesville & Buford, SC. We fix everything from garbage disposal repair to dishwasher repair and even oven repair all throughout Gainesville & Buford, GA and surrounding areas!

If your home appliances are broken, we are here to help. For more details about our appliance repair services, call us now at 678-575-0594 or schedule an online service request for your appliance repairs or installations .


If your dishwasher starts to leak or your stove top gas burner constantly clicking or smell gas coming from your oven?, you can trust the crew at Peachtree Appliance Repair to fix it for you. We're recognized throughout Gainesville & Buford, GA community for our fast repair services and competitive prices. Here are a few of our appliance repair services include:

  • Garbage disposal repair
  • Dishwasher repair
  • Ice maker repair
  • Oven repair
  • Stove top repair

Need help with other appliances? No problem-you can hire us to work on many different types of appliances.

Contact Peachtree Appliance Repair to schedule the appliance repairs or installations you need. We service throughout the Georgia community.